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So last week I talked all about the Sort Process part of the Complete Sort, Shop, and Style, and this week we’ll get down the the fun part, or for some, the least fun part (til they try it)! Most of my clients don’t really love shopping. AT ALL. It’s something they are frustrated by and avoid until the last minute, which creates more frustration, stress, and tends to usually be a waste money & time. The shopping part of my service is where you throw out everything you’ve ever learned about shopping, and start totally fresh. You don’t have to look at anything on any rack and can just float through the mall til you get to the dressing room. Well, first you meet me at the coffee shop and I lead you to the dressing room.

Since I already know what’s in your closet, I can just take the list I’ve made to the mall, where I arrive before you do and have your entire list set aside for you in about 3 different stores. The people who work at all the shops usually know me, and will make sure your room is ready for you so you feel extra special. That’s right: I PICK OUT ALL OF YOUR CLOTHES FOR YOU. This way, you will benefit from trying new things AND not having to actually “shop.”

I try to get a mix of pieces you will A. Feel Comfortable in, B. Look Awesome in, and C. Match Your Budget. When you try them on, we’ll talk about whether we’re hitting the mark with this–do you feel like a million bucks? Do you feel like never taking the item off? Do you feel weird and itchy? All of this is important, and I’ll only encourage you to spend money on what feels right to you. Speaking of money, I’m not going to take you to any shops you can’t afford. What’s the point? I will work within your budget and even tally things on a calculator for you! You will either buy what you love at each store as we go, or put the stuff you like on hold and go back at the end of the trip to purchase it all at once.

While we’re shopping together, you’re learning what looks and feels best to you, so that you can shop more efficiently in the future–my goal is to give you all the tools you need to shop like a stylist for yourself! The whole shopping process takes about two hours of your time, and most clients end up with anywhere from 10-35 new pieces (including shoes and accessories), plus I provide a snack. The goal is to make you feel like you’ve conquered something big, and don’t have to go shopping again for a long long time!

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June 18, 2013

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