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I’m having one of those weeks where I have a lot of great ideas for outfits, but I don’t have the clothing to implement them all! I always get shopping fever in spring, but haven’t had the time to act on my impulses, so here we go with another outfit made from a mix of things I wear all the time. I tried to make it all less boring with a scarf, but I can’t fight the fever much longer!

How to spare yourself from getting bored during these last few weeks of cooler weather?

  • Try wearing your button-ups as cardigans/jackets. This works best with the more boxy, unstructured cuts of tops.
  • Scarf differently. Try wearing a scarf instead of a necklace, or tie it in a way you never have. It might get chilly and you’ll thank me when you have a little extra layer on hand (or neck).
  • Start mixing in springy shoes with your winter outfits. I wore flats instead of boots because it’s juuuust warm enough to go without socks. It’s fun to mix the seasons a little bit!

There you have it, folks. Some more funk-busting ideas as we move on into what is surely gonna be an insufferably hot summer. Enjoy those sweaters while you can!

preppy coral pants

preppy coral pants

Shirt, pants: JCrew, Tee: Joie, Flats: Lanvin, Scarf: H&M, Earrings: MJ

preppy coral pants

March 7, 2012

3 Responses to Preppy Coral

  1. These colors are ca-ute. I need to see that this can happen. I over think such things and get scared of color. High fives.

  2. Such cute ideas! I love your facial expressions & this color combo!!

  3. Jamie Rose says:

    Your colorful jeans are so fun and perfect for spring! They look great with that button-up blouse.

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