Posing Like I Mean It

Today I decided to see if I could pull off looking sophisticated in these super casual-feeling jeans.  Did I pull it off? Not sure.  I still can’t shake the feeling that I’m late to class whenever I wear flared-leg jeans. Too nostalgic. Guess I’m gonna have to make new, more sophisticated memories in these jeans. Maybe I will make a business deal or sell something while I wear these. Then everything will change!

Well, I gotta go now because the cameraman just got a “Humpty Dance” record today that has the song remixed four different ways. I’m trying to teach Penny how to dance. Or at least watch while I dance. So far the results have been mixed. 

Blazer: theory, Blouse: Zara, Jeans: UO, Shoes: Clark’s, Socks: UniQlo, Earrings: Kendra Scott

January 19, 2011

14 Responses to Posing Like I Mean It

  1. Rachel says:

    I think the blazer and the jacket really do dress the jeans up. 😀

  2. Amber Rose, Laughing With Broken Eyes says:

    I'm not one for jeans, but you look incredible! I think you would be able to rock the highwaisted jeans as well. :)

  3. Anna Jane says:

    you look great! i think i need to follow suit and bust out my wide-legs/flare jeans.

  4. Jen HaHA says:

    Wait, flared jeans are out? Boot cut? I can't do skinny jeans. You're more dressed up than lots of my co-workers. I like your sheer top. And, red shoes are always a nice touch.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  5. jemina says:

    Your style KICK ASS

    LOVE LOVE LOVE everything here, you're FABULOUS

    PS: I LOVE your hair

    You ROCK girllllll!!!!


    PS: I'll be following you, you're inspirational!!!!, XO

  6. Collette Osuna says:

    YOu make me want to wear my jeans more…..you look fab in yours:)

  7. LaToya says:

    Your hair is so beautiful! I love that top! Wish I owned one!

    Have a great day!


  8. Cristiana Chc says:

    Nice to meet you me too!! I follow

  9. MONKEYFACE says:

    WHOA. Fabtastic. I think we should give you a paper bag to try to style up next b/c you do some amazing work with everyday pieces!

  10. hannah, heart city says:

    great blazer! and lol humpty dance. that song was huge at summer camp when i was 12. i love finding silly stuff like that on vinyl!

  11. Molly O says:

    I like the jeans, especially with that blouse. It's giving off a 70's vibe. You might feel more pulled together if you add a fedora or funky necklace.

    Thanks for visiting my blog again! you're right, the syringe for cleaning wisdom teeth sockets post-op is strangely satisfying, especially when you get good enough at it that it doesn't ricochet off your teeth and onto the bathroom mirror. haha

  12. Sophi says:

    You look WAY better than those girls who are always rolling up late to class in their flares. Promise. I think the best way to make 'em sophisticated is to just go with the whole seventies vibe… chunky platforms, silk blouse, blazer, floppy hat, the whole bit. As a side note, I love your writing, it always makes me crack up.

  13. Reg says:

    i love your green blazer! the color is perfect :)


  14. oomph. says:

    such a pulled together look with the blazer. love these pussybow tops, but i can't seem to find any!!


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