Portland Part One

Old Dorm Block, Reed College

It’s difficult to write about a weekend that just happened, especially after having just returned home on a red eye flight with a grandly dysfunctional layover in Minnesota. Today I will try to show you some of the stuff I saw this week, and tomorrow I will tell you more about the style, so if this post’s hazy recollections bore you, fear not.

Interior of the Student Union, Reed College

It’s funny how the smells of a place stay exactly the same, and you can remember all sorts of crazy stuff when you sniff them again. This interior shot is of the Student Union at Reed College, where I spent countless hours blabbing to my friends, feeling sorry for myself, and flirting. Sometimes all at once, I think.

SU Graffitti

Even the graffiti was the same! What was different was how real we all suddenly were with one another. I mean, college was intense, and it may have taken ten years to get perspective on it. I know for myself I realized that the people I shared that time with are some of the best people I will ever meet, and I can truly appreciate that now. There was far less bullshit, far more heart-to-hearts, maybe still a few awkward ex-boyfriend encounters, but I feel like the experience kind of crystallized my having grown up somehow.

Reunion badge

So if you are considering skipping your reunion because you are freaked out to see everyone again, take it from me. Book the ticket. Don’t worry about what to wear, either, because I will talk all about that too!

Portland Sky

June 13, 2011

4 Responses to Portland Part One

  1. I’m glad to hear the reunion was a positive experience for you. My 10 year HS reunion should be this fall. Ugh…

  2. Annette says:

    “What was different was how real we all suddenly were with one another.”

    Yes, yes, yes! I notice this practically every time I reunite with anyone from my “youth.” It’s refreshing. So fun what this whole perspective thing does to a person.

    And, boy, was I stuck so far in myself during those college years! Nice when you notice yourself growing up a little. =)

  3. Michal says:

    Oo I’m so excited to see what you wore! 😉 It seems like it was a really good time. I’m glad!

  4. Jamie Rose says:

    I can’t wait to go back and see people at my 10 year reunion. That’s a few years off still, but I can imagine there’ll be some funny sights. Not to mention it’ll be good seeing people I haven’t seen in years.

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