Pop of Yellow

High Waist Jeans with Yellow Belt

Sometimes, maybe more than sometimes, jeans are the perfect thing to wear. For me, I would probably have some sort of physical withdrawal if I were told I could no longer wear denim. But sometimes I have a difficult time thinking of new ways to wear jeans without buying new shoes, shirts, or cars (to pose next to). This feeling hasn’t reached it’s full status as the weather has prevented me from being able to wear jeans all that much, but when the cooler weather approaches, I plan to be ready. To spice up jeans and a basic tee or top:

  • Try tucking in your top if you have high enough jeans in the rise. You might discover your waist hiding under there!
  • If you can’t comfortably tuck, try belting a longer top over your jeans. Oh look, there’s that waist again! Also, if you think you don’t have a waist, you probably can make one with a belt!
  • Play with bright belts (and shoes and jewelry). Easy way to add color to an otherwise basic outfit.
  • Try rolling your jeans up at the cuff to show off your shoes. This works well with preppy outfits and straight (not jegging or wide-leg) jeans.
  • Try wearing a scarf over your jeans and t-shirt look. Another way to add some color without adding a heavy layer. More on that soon!

So, hopefully this will help prevent you from having any jeans-related ruts this fall. How do you spice up your basic outfits?

Couple of random asides: if you have some time today, feel free to check out my interview with Megan of Boarding Pass. We talked about Austin fashion and she made me feel really chatty. Here’s the link!

Also, my deal is still running on Urban Dealight. I am so excited to meet my new clients and see some friends again, too. So thanks SO MUCH for helping me make this week so successful. I can’t tell you how nervous I was about this, and it worked out much better than I’d imagined!

High Waist Jeans with Yellow Belt

High Waist Jeans with Yellow Belt

Top: Forever 21, Jeans: Acne, Belt: JCrew, Shoes: BC

High Waist Jeans with Yellow Belt

September 29, 2011

15 Responses to Pop of Yellow

  1. Rachel says:

    I’m a jeans addict too… I don’t even care if it’s 100 degrees, I’m the girl wearing jeans all too often! Great tips! :)

  2. senorita says:

    The yellow belt is a nice touch 😉

    For me, it’s all about the foot wear. My sneakers have such a different effect on my look then the boots I wear.. I love change up the look of jeans that way 😉


  3. Jennifer K. says:

    I love my jeansssss. And it seems like I always wear them rolled up a bit at the cuff. I don’t know why, I guess I just really like that look!

  4. Sandhya says:

    DOLL! there you are. I realized that I never got the memo about the switched over blog and thought I had lost you forever. Good thing about those business cards. Welcome back….to my google reader that is. P.S. You’re forgiven.

  5. Your Husband says:

    I’m pretty sure I suggested that yellow belt.

  6. Too cute, Laurel! Although I found a decent pair of high-waisters while thrifting, I’ve been holding off on a splurge because I’m trying to find the right pair.

    Thanks for this article – very helpful!


  7. Emily Keen says:

    I love your radio interview:) You are such a good conservationist!

  8. Lydia says:

    Great ideas! I have a pair of jeggings from Gap (so they’re more jean then legging)…and when I cuff them they look like Audrey Hepburn-style capris (or at least they do in my head). Oh how I love denim…

    Lydia x

  9. Jess says:

    Great jean tips. Maybe I’ll start wearing mine more often.

  10. Such a cute outfit! I love the neon belt ^^ I’m bored of my jeans for the moment and wear a lot of colored tights to keep warm :) But this past week summer suddenly retured and I had to pull out my summer wardrobe again :) x

  11. Erin says:

    Totally cute! I love your outfit and that pop of yellow skinny belt just pulls it all together!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  12. Ana says:

    A modern-day Jean Seberg.

  13. Jamie Rose says:

    Those jeans look so great on you. I love the rise of them. The yellow belt is a great touch of color.

  14. Chelsea says:

    I love tucking tops in to reveal my natural waist! Have a great week.

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