Out With the Girls Outfit

Polka Dot blouse

It’s the weekend! Woo hoo! It’s time to go out and do something fun, late into the night, with the ladies! Dressing to go out with your friends is fun because you can get a little nuttier than usual. You can dress for a laugh, for conversation.  Here are some tips for an inspiring girl-date outfit, and how to wear that wacky piece for the first time. Note: Austin is casual, and I’m dressed to go to a rock club. Fancy dance club attire this is not.

  • This is your chance to wear that giant billowing polka dot blouse you’ve never worn because your male buddy/boyfriend/husband/gay guy friend makes fun of it. You know you’ve got something in your closet that only another woman would appreciate, right? Do it up!
  • Dress simply around the showpiece. Here I have on that magical white tank again, and my go-to denim cutoffs. If you suddenly get shy (or boiling hot) wearing this crazy blouse, you can rip it off and have a classic outfit underneath!
  • Don’t forget the jewelry. If you take off the blouse, you still wanna look like you’re dressed up, so wear some simple pieces like these thin bangle bracelets or a long chain necklace for added zest.
  • Comfortable shoes. Wear comfortable shoes like a wedge if you’re gonna be out dancing. I would love someone to teach me how to dance in heels and prove to me that it can be done.
So party it up this weekend! And tell me about your outfit!

Polka Dot blouse

Polka Dot blouse

Blouse: H&M (Buffalo Exchange), Cutoffs: Joe's, Clogs: BC, Bracelet: gifted from Hilah, Necklace: won from Twich Vintage blog

Polka Dot blouse

July 30, 2011

7 Responses to Out With the Girls Outfit

  1. Ladies Nights are so much fun. I try to hang with my girlfriends about once a week. We all go out for mexican and enjoy each other’s company and some drinks.

  2. annebeth says:

    I so agree, out with the girls is THE moment to dress kooky and forget about being pretty for the dude!

  3. Jamie Rose says:

    I love that polka dot blouse. Probably because I have one really similar to it that I get to wear when the weather cools down! It’s crazy, but I love it. So many fun colors!

  4. MONKEYFACE says:

    Sooo, can I ask a dorky question? Two dorky questions actually since that one right there counted as one…what time of day did you take these photos? I really really really love the light. Also this is me appreciating that blouse.

    • Hmmm… I think it was in the last couple hours of light–maybe 7:30 or 8? Most of my shots are taken around that time. Not dorky at all. Not as dorky as the poses I didn’t include in this post, for instance 😉

  5. Jenny says:

    I LOVE your blouse. I am such a sucker for billowy tops and polka dots. What a perfect outfit for the weekend! xx

  6. Whitney says:

    love the hair and the last post about my skin…I am a picker…what can I say?

    miz yew purrrr

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