One Dress, Two Ways (with flats)

one dress two ways

I’m always looking for the perfect style-able dress–you know the one. It’s got a nice flow to it with a pretty print, but in a neutral color. I like a dress with a good shape, but one that’s easy to change. This dress fits the bill because it’s not too tight, but still has structure, and it looks totally different depending on how you wear it.

This summer, I am all about FLAT SHOES. I mean, who wouldn’t be, what with all the options we’re getting and the fact that they are about one million times more comfy than most heels. Plus, most of you already know, I am very fond of versatility in my clothing, and I seek out pieces for myself and my clients that can always be worn multiple ways. So, therefore I decided to share how I’ve styled my flat shoes with a dress and my dress two different ways for maximum bang for dress buck. It also helped that this dress was almost free at Buffalo Exchange. I was selling shoes I didn’t find versatile enough, of course.

Check out how the dress changes from dressy to casual with just the switch of a few accessories!

one dress two ways

one dress two ways

Dress: Joie, Flats: Franco Sarto, Belt: JCrew, Sneakers (in other photo): Vans

one dress two ways

June 3, 2014

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  1. Michelle says:

    You’re the cutest thing, ever.

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