Oh, The 90’s…

How to dress grunge, according to Laurel:
1. Remember the 90’s.
2. Find favorite boots from high school. Sew them back together. Don’t think about why you saved them in that weird plastic bag that a comforter came in. Don’t think about the fact that you wore them with a slip that you bought at Value Village (because you shouldn’t wear it again, even though you want to).
3. Put on gray jeans that you love. Put on striped v-neck. Put on red cardigan. These are important steps, if only because they prevent nudity.
4. Find unwashed cardigan of husband’s. Put it on.
5. Act like you don’t even care.
6. Listen to “Nothing Else Matters” by Metallica.
7. Accept that no one on Chictopia is going to vote for this outfit.
8. Publish post.

Cardigans: BDG, Jeans: Madewell, Top: Monrow. Boots: John Fluevog, circa 1996, Earrings: Kendra Scott.

January 22, 2011

22 Responses to Oh, The 90’s…

  1. Rachel says:

    Haha, great rules!! XD
    It really is cute for grunge, though. 😀

  2. Annebeth says:

    I am EVEN more in love with those boots now I see them in close up: fierceness grl. and the layered cardigans are both ridiculous and awesome: the best kind of awesome there is.

    I can't make an appointment NOW, it's like midnight around these parts!

  3. Kristin Wyly says:

    the stripped cardigan reminds me of Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes. That is in no way a bad thing.

  4. LyddieGal says:

    Well i think it's a cute mix. i'd give you my vote.

    Chic on the Cheap

  5. Two For Tea says:

    I'm hugely a fan of this outfit…I'd bank on at least a few Chictopia votes! Sweet boots, btw…

    <3 Cambria

  6. MONKEYFACE says:

    Hahaha, I'd vote for it! I love the boots! I've never seen any with such awesome colors. Truly unique and way too much fun :)

  7. Collette Osuna says:

    Love the layers..and thsoe fab boots…OMG Value Village…I sooo remember that place!!

  8. Sarah says:

    I love these old boots of yours. Super cute, the remind me of my high school experience. I like this outfit!


  9. Kathleen Carla. says:

    thanks so much girl for following my blog! :) i'm now following yours too :). i LOVE your take on the 90's grunge. esp with those boots, they are beyond amazing. i love the vintage-y look.

    <3, Kathleen.

  10. tanvii.com says:

    lol … You are too funny. Even if you think that no one would vote on Chictopia you know you still look darn cute in a non chalant way :)

  11. Jen HaHA says:

    So, I'm old because I was in college during the grunge era–in Seattle, baby! My 20-year high school reunion is this year! I'm sure I'll be washing my hair that night. My college wardrobe consisted of cut-off shorts, long johns, concert shirts, and of course, flannel and Doc's. Yours rock! So funny because Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" came on my Pandora today and I wanted to bust out singing but I was at work. I'm loving the layers and the nail polish!

    I could go on and on, not just because I have the gift of gab (inherited and also passed down), but because you've stuck a chord with me.

    Jen Hemming and Hawing Again

  12. miikax3 says:

    soo pretty 😉
    follow me on http://www.miikax3.blogspot.com
    and facebook :)

  13. Felicity says:

    Absolutely adore the layering in this outfit – especially the theft of the husband's cardigan!
    Fab boots too :)


  14. Milly says:

    You do relaxed and effortless so well Laurel and I love the broken in look of the boots. I always swear I will wear a new boot to death but I am fickle in my affections – must try harder!

  15. Kelley says:

    LOL, Awesome. My grunge always held a little more Nirvana flannel and My so Called Life Doc's, but I did wear them with a slip… never to be repeated.

  16. Karin says:

    the shoes are great and at least you looked cool in the 90's my old outfits make me feel slightly ill xxx

  17. Shallow Mallow says:

    I find it a little bit scary that the signs in the blogosphere read that the 90s are back. I mean heck I was a teen last time around..

    Those boots are seriously lovely. The green martens I lived in for years and years are no more..

    I remember the local youth radio station had a "nirvana bag" because they got so many requests for nirvana songs they could have played the same tunes all day long. They'd treat the bag like they were drawing a raffle and do little draws. Today it smells like teen spirit.. 😀

  18. Viv says:

    great look, love the nail color!


  19. veronika, tick tock vintage. says:

    hah! i was a child in the 90's, so i don't really remember any of it. it's never really been my favorite decade in terms of style either, but i do love your cardigan.

  20. Liz says:

    this right here is why i love your blog. seriously. we all know grunge is the best. those boots are freaking awesome, so is the sweater. heck, this whole outfit is awesome. can you tell i really, really like grunge?

  21. Jan says:

    When I saw the title I was thinking chunky boots and oversized tops and you didn't disappoint! Yay for grunge! Brings me back to junior high and my girlie crush on Eddie Vedder :)

  22. livin wide says:

    just getting caught up with my reading – LOVE the striped cardi!

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