New Look!

Today is my four year anniversary of meeting my hubby, Paul. We spent it working on my logo and creating business cards: what fun! I have a bunch of new ideas that I am really excited about, but wont unveil just yet. Not having the money to start a store is really bringing out the creativity in me, and lighting a fire under my bum to learn how to market, at least. Hopefully my new business cards will arrive in time for the lender fair next week, and I will be able to share my concept more easily with potential investors. I think it can’t hurt to have this site up and running and looking sharp, and now links directly to this blog until the rest of the content is decided upon.

It’s off to bike to Deep Eddy now! It’s 99 degrees right now. Here I am with no mascara, which I think looks kind of weird. I also really need a haircut (hence all the turbans lately).

Top: F21
Shirt: American Apparel
Shoes: TOMS
Dog: Bug

July 31, 2010

One Response to New Look!

  1. jenna pearle says:

    i celebrated my 4yr anniversary on the 28th of july to my hubby paul. small world. actually, we didn't get a chance to celebrate it but still…happy belated!!! enjoying ur blog. gd luck w/ the image consultant gig! thats what i'm studying now.

    jenna pearle*

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