New Find: The Long Ruffle Blazer

Long Ruffle Blazer Riding Boots

Sometimes when I am out doing “research” I stumble upon things that I didn’t know I needed. Most of the time I can ignore these pangs of desire, but this silky black blazer got under my skin, and I couldn’t refuse it. I did my “can I wear this 17 different ways?” trick in the dressing room, then I tried it on again over a different shirt, and then I tried it with a skirt instead of pants. It passed all three tests, and it reminds me of a weird Stevie Nicks/Golden Girls hybrid, so that definitely sent it over the edge for me.

Long blazers or boyfriend-style ones can be tricky to pull off, and I never actually thought I would own one personally. However, this particular garment has a less boyfriend-y, more slim fit to it, and the ruffled opening is flattering and slimming as well. I think that if you’re gonna do long, a little lift in the sleeves helps as well, because it elongates you and makes you appear to stand up straight. Wearing a heel will also mitigate some of the leg-shortness too. So add this to my list of justifications for the week!

Long Ruffle Blazer Riding Boots

Long Ruffle Blazer Riding Boots

Blazer, top, necklace: F21, Jeans: JBrand, Boots: Madewell

Long Ruffle Blazer Riding Boots

December 15, 2011

7 Responses to New Find: The Long Ruffle Blazer

  1. Jamie Rose says:

    What a cool blazer! It’s really unique and I like the dark gray color of it. I definitely can see how it’d be really versatile.

  2. MONKEYFACE says:

    lol @ the Stevie Nicks/Golden Girls comparison. I don’t see it, but maybe I am just blinded by the fact that I really like it..

  3. becca says:

    i want that outfit for christmas, santa!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Justified! Seriously, I really like that. And I’m a bit shocked it’s from F21! Nice find.

  5. Linda says:

    I love this outfit. I would steal it from you.

    I also like how you styled the blazer in two posts and the outfits are very different. You’re awesome!

    P.S. If anyone needs styling help, call Laurel!

  6. found you through statements of fashion!!! LOVE your ruffle blazer girl!!

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