Muumuu as Party Dress

Muumuu as party dress

What to wear when you have to dress up but don’t really wanna? Why a muumuu of course! I am still obsessed with this fun printed vintage sack-shaped beauty, and instead of wearing it over a bathing suit like I did last time, I decided I could totally dress it up with the mere buckle of a belt. When styling a muumuu for leaving the house purposes, just remember to do these three things:

  1. Wear a belt. Try wider and thicker versions til you get the right proportion. The longer the muumuu, usually the wider the belt.
  2. Add some shiny jewelry. I’ve put on some simple gold earrings, but you can also do a big necklace to balance out the bulk of a wider muumuu.
  3. Heels. This is pretty vital.  A little lift will make it look like you’re serious about dressing up.

Next time it’s 3,000 degrees out and you have a baby shower or something to go to, try dressing up your muumuu. It’s okay to try, I SWEAR.

Muumuu as party dressMuumuu as party dressMuumuu as party dress

September 2, 2012

One Response to Muumuu as Party Dress

  1. Jamie Rose says:

    Belts seriously make all the difference sometimes. Especially in the case of a muumuu! This one looks very cute on you. I love the pretty colors in it.

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