Mixing Up a Maxi-Dress Part 2

How to Wear a Maxi Dress

Everyone was wearing maxi dresses on their blogs yesterday, and it just so happened that I was wearing one too (from Modcloth). I have a complicated relationship with this one. I love the pattern and color but I struggle with different ways to wear it. It’s strapless, so there’s my first problem. You know how I feel about strapless bras…Also, the length is such that it can sometimes get stuck in my shoe. This gracefully leads to the top falling down. Adding the tank helped with all of these issues, plus I got to wear my favorite yellow belt, always a plus.

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How to Wear a Maxi-Dress

How to Wear a Maxi-Dress

Dress: ModCloth, Tank: Old Navy, Belt: JCrew, Shoes: Miz Mooz (Stella Says Go), Necklace: Kendra Scott

How to Wear a Maxi-Dress

April 13, 2011

22 Responses to Mixing Up a Maxi-Dress Part 2

  1. Kate says:

    I really like the way this outfit came together. I too can not stand strapless items, mostly because I do not have a big enough bust to keep them up. Throwing the tank of the dress is a perfect way to combat this!

    I wish I lived near you so that I could go to the event!

    Divergent Musings

  2. annebeth says:

    Great way to wear a maxi! I sometimes wear things under strapless dresses too, like a puff sleeved blouse or even a tanktop, like you did. Gives a nice bit of extra layer!

  3. Lisa says:

    You did an awesome job styling this maxi! The tank not only solves your strapless problems but it also breaks up the busy print.

  4. Cute! Also I love this turquoise with your hair color… so pretty!

  5. I fear strapless bras- I’m always worried I’m going to come busting out of them. I like the way you solved the strapless problem with this outfit. The color of the tank is so gorgeous with the dress.

    I just signed up for your event next week- I can’t wait!!

  6. Tanvi says:

    That is really a super cute Maxi! Love the color for the summers :)

    ♡ from © tanvii.com

  7. Jenny says:

    I really like how you layered the shirt over the maxi. This gives me some ideas about styling up the maxi collection I have in my closet! The print on your is just so perfect for the Spring :-) xoxo

  8. Jess says:

    I love the print on this! I, too, struggle with strapless bras. Especially the stick-on kind. My poor husband always ended up stepping on it.

  9. jess says:

    I like this look. I love your necklace.

  10. becca says:

    This is adorable. I’m in total maxi dress envy. I don’t own any. I was thinking about taking the plunge and buying one the other day, but then chickened out!! I love that you broke up the pattern a little bit on this one. I think that the dress would look great with a jean jacket too – have you tried that yet as a styling option?? Also, I’m totally obsessed with knotting a chambray blouse over dresses to mix them up. It was my go to move last summer.

  11. Everything about this outfit is amazing!!! I don’t know what to point out first- the colors, the skirt, your shoes, and how about that snazzy nail polish?! Hot pink is always the best finishing touch to anything… actually you put me in the mood to paint my nails that color!

    Ohhh yess.. jellybeans.. my munchy companions at this wonderful time of year! ^-^

    • Why did I say jellybeans when clearly you pointed out the cake? Someone else mentioned the jellybeans and I got confused.. eh well, it all goes to the same place anyway, and when it comes to food, all I can think about is “nam nam nam nam” 😛

  12. lindsey lowe says:

    i love this skirt!! so fabulous.

  13. Sarah says:

    The tank top does a stellar job taming the pattern a bit. I could NEVER do strapless… well, I could, but the result wouldn’t be purdy. I like how summery and casual your styling of this maxi looks.

  14. Sophi says:

    That is such a neat print on that dress! I really like how you styled it, too. I feel like i see the same basic ways of styling maxis over and over, but you manged to put a lil’ twist on it. That belt is awesome. Very cute :)


  15. kathryn says:

    you trendy little dumpling:) you looks so great! lOVE the print on your dress, so cute for spring!

  16. Lydz xX says:

    love the colours together and that skirt is pretty

    Lydz xX

  17. Lyddiegal says:

    That dress seems like it is much better as a skirt anyway – why not just chop off the top and refashion it?

  18. Alabee says:

    I love your bright toenail polish! Very cute, summery look :)

  19. MONKEYFACE says:

    I’m pretty sure that would be my favorite belt if I owned it, too. Ya know you’re kind of annoying me with how cute and casual and carefree you look in your summery attire here, Laurel. I cannot wait for some warmer weather over here to break out breezy outfits like this one!

  20. Stef says:

    Love this dress as a skirt. Looking gorgeous as ever! :)

  21. Kerissa says:

    Here I am at this hour looking for ways to style a newly purchased black and white striped dress that I plan to wear as a maxi skirt. This look has me wanting to pull out every maxi dress I own. I too am small busted and often don’t like the look of a strapless item even with a padded strapless bra. You saved the day!

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