Maxi Skirt and Statement Earrings

Maxi Skirt/Statement EarringsKendra Scott store) elevates the casual outfit to a more elegant bohemian sort of thing…And wearing earrings doesn’t make you sweat!

So, my friends, the moral of this story is: when waiting for the cable guy, make sure you have a long skirt and some giant earrings on hand.

Maxi Skirt/Statement Earrings

Maxi Skirt/Statement Earrings

Top: Joie (last call), Skirt: ModCloth, Belt: Old Navy, Earrings: Kendra Scott, Shoes: BC

Maxi Skirt/Statement Earrings

July 18, 2011

9 Responses to Maxi Skirt and Statement Earrings

  1. OMG I am wearing a maxi dress today just to avoiding shaving my legs- true story. Brilliant minds think alike :)

  2. Chelsea says:

    I shave my legs regularly, but if I feel like wearing something that shows leg and don’t have time to shave…I don’t give it a second thought. But yes, longer skirts sure are a great way to cover it up! You look lovely. Take care!

  3. Ha, I would also grab a maxi if I’ve failed to shave my legs! Your look is so chic, love it.

  4. Very nice:) And I love the story of your outfit. Every cable man’s dream is to walk in on someone taking a shower. It kind of reminded me of a part in the Big Lebowski with Tera Reid’s character. hehe.. Anywho, fabulous skirt with the white tee!

  5. Lyddiegal says:

    I hate it when I get caught by the UPS man when I’m still in my pjs and its too late to pretend I’m not home…
    Love your maxi, and statement earrings! I need to stop with the heavy necklaces and bracelets and wear more earrings.

  6. Jamie Rose says:

    That skirt is really cool. I love the colorful detailing at the bottom. You styled it to be so nice and light!

  7. jahn says:

    love your earrings!

  8. Lydia says:

    Love this! I haven’t worked maxi skirts into my wardrobe yet. I think it’s tricky in winter because long skirts + boots start getting into Stevie Nicks territory. (Maybe that’s not a bad thing though?) Sounds like a great summer option for work – anything that cuts down on leg-shaving is is fine by me!

    Lydia x

  9. Brooke says:

    Very cute, I am sure the cable guy appreciated your maxi skirt 😉

    I dread having service people come. I have a dog that thinks every knock at the door must mean someone is coming to play with her so she loses her shit screaming and crying (part pug) and running in crazy circles. It’s hard to hear over her racket! ~ B

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