Maternity Style Guide (Winter Edition)

winter maternity style

At the request of my very pregnant and very stylish pal, Kristen, I bring to you a post dedicated to staying stylish in the winter when you’re expecting! The key to flattering your tummy and staying warm & comfortable is by simple layering and balance creation.

Check out (another Kristen) Ms. Cavillari’s well-balanced outfit, for example:

winter maternity style

Skinny jeans or leggings (the stretchier the better, but keep them thick enough to be warm and hide any dimples).

LONG top (this is important to keep the balance of the outfit).  Tops should come down to your mid-hip and look nicest when they are either fitted or body-skimming.

Structured jacket.  This can be bright or neutral, long or short, but the key is to be fit to the shoulders.  This will help allow you to stay well-proportioned.  Leaving the jacket open will flatter but not overly emphasize your belly.

Here’s another balanced maternity outfit:

winter maternity style

If you want to wear a flowy skirt (and you probably do because it’s less restrictive, keep these elements in mind:

jacket should be structured, cropped where your natural waist is (or used to be) and a solid color
middle layer should be longer than your jacket, down to the wider part of your hip, and fitted. It can be a print or stripe if you’re feeling it
-if you’re wearing a long skirt, anchor it with dark chunky shoes and a scarf
shorter, flowy skirts look awesome with tights and boots, just keep it sleek & simple!

For more cute maternity outfits and photo credits for the above content, check out my maternity pinterest board. And of course, if you’re pregnant and lost as to where to find the right pieces, contact me for some assistance!

January 23, 2014

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