Lender Fair Day…bust!

Here’s my sad post-lender fair face in the sunset…It really was a bust, as I discovered that by “small business start-up loans” they meant loans of 15k for new businesses that have been open for three months. Seriously? How am I supposed to start a business with no money? I see the whole justification behind this, as how are they supposed to be sure a new business will make the money to pay back the loan, but still. I had to make a sad face. I guess I will pursue what Marita suggested via FB and see about drop-shipping and sell from an online boutique in order to generate business and experience to present to lenders. We’ll see. I might need a few days to recover, and probably I will need to buy some new shoes.

I wore this outfit to the Meet the Lender Fair:
Top: Marc by Marc Jacobs, Last Call
Skirt: Mossimo, www.target.com
Shoes: Clark’s, www.zappos.com
Bracelets: Bloomingdales

August 6, 2010

One Response to Lender Fair Day…bust!

  1. Amy says:

    You may be sad, but you still look hot! Bummer about the fair…Keep trying, Laurel!!

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