Kicking it Vintage Style

Vintage 80's Sweater and Cowboy Boots

I was thrilled that it got semi-chilly enough to wear this awesome sweater Stephanie from Those Tricks sent to me! She seems to think this color is better for me than her, but I bet she would look pretty lovely with that dark hair of hers in this cool 80’s vintage number. I thought it would be fun to wear with cowboy boots (I styled it this way a few weeks ago but didn’t photograph it then) and of course I can’t not do a jump-kick when I am wearing cowboy boots.

I was remiss yesterday in pointing out that the outfit I wore was to the Ladies Who Brunch event hosted by Gretchen on Sunday. It was nice catching up with some other Austin bloggers, like D’Andra of Sable & Sage; Kathryn of The Austin Gastronomist; Esosa; Cathy of Austin Slave to Fashion; Jess of Hello Wife, Haute Muslimah, and Andrea of Cat of Impossible Color. I definitely enjoyed the bottomless mimosas….Life has been pretty stressful, financially, and it was nice to just sort of relax and have a day where I didn’t have to stress out about paying the mortgage. I think lately if I haven’t been working I can’t relax, so the mimosas kind of helped with that. Who else is struggling to make ends meet lately?

Vintage 80's Sweater and Cowboy Boots

Vintage 80's Sweater and Cowboy Boots

Sweater: vintage, c/o Those Tricks, Jeans: J-Brand, Boots: Justin, Necklace: Kendra Scott

Vintage 80's Sweater and Cowboy Boots

April 6, 2011

24 Responses to Kicking it Vintage Style

  1. those tricks says:

    This sweater looks SO much better on you than it did on me.
    A love match.

    Re: making ends meet. I agree. Economy not good. We’re all making less money than a decade ago (except the top 1% who score 25% of the wealth or whatevs – their income has had a nice % increase. Oh me.) As you know one of my budget solutions is thrifting most of my wardrobe. Saves cash and gives me joy. win-win.

  2. I love that last photo- your jeggings are some kinda wonderful
    And it was fun hanging on Sunday :)

  3. jahn says:

    Hey Laurel!! It’s good that you had a smooth move to your new URL…
    I’m loving your outfit, and you have an adorable smile…did anyone tell you that?!!

  4. Kate says:

    I absolutely adore this outfit. Purple is my absolute favorite color, and I love the pattern on this one. It looks great!

    As for money. Yes. I have been struggling like woah to make ends meet, make sure all bills get paid, and that money goes into savings. This paycheck it has literally left me with $100 to last two weeks. I would say that I stress about money on a daily basis. Lately, I don’t even know what it is like to not think about every dime that I spend. Oh the woes of being an adult. Hopefully things look up for you soon! And I am glad you were able to at least enjoy some relaxed time.

  5. bravegrrl says:

    love the sweater… purple is my favorite color :) totally feel ya on the making ends meet thang… think i’ll go have a mimosa lol!

  6. Krista says:

    Okay, now I feel bad for talking you into buying those shoes yesterday. But I wasn’t alone! We all thought they were smashing.

    The purple looks AMAZING on you. Total day brightener. With the exception of your financial woes, the jump kick is necessary.

    My feeling is no matter how much money I make, I always feel like I’m pinching pennies trying to make everything work out. Totally doesn’t help that I spent money I didn’t have a long time ago.

  7. ha! love you “necklace beard” in the last photo.

    money troubles are stresful for sure. glad you were able to chill out a little bit, and here’s to hoping you can stress less soon.


  8. I absolutely love that last picture!! :)

  9. Tanvi says:

    Purple looks awesome on you … and I am not even going to acknowledge all the Blogger Fun you guys have there in Austin! I feel all alone and left out. Kidding. Not really. 😛 .. And Money Stress never goes away … does it? I am in the world of escapism right now 😛

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    ♡ from ©

  10. kelsey says:

    I am so jealous of your blogger brunch! And that sweater is wonderful. Stephanie can send me clothes whenever she wants. :)

  11. Anna Jane says:

    love this! you look AWESOME in purple, lady!

  12. LOVE the purple sweater….and of course the sweet little skinny jeans:)

  13. lisa says:

    how awesome stephanie sent you that sweater! i love her, she’s kinda the best.

    ohhhh lady friend i FEEL you on the money woes – big time. but….it all works out…right??

  14. Elaine says:

    Love the necklace! It’s gorgeous.

  15. Molly O says:

    I’ll never say it enough: you are too cute! how to you manage to take the best goofy photos and still look chic? I love your sweater and your necklace, and you always look amazing in jeans, so bravo! Why did you decide to switch to wordpress? I find wordpress a little annoying, but of course you should do whatever is best for you. xoxo

  16. Lyddiegal says:

    Fantastic shade of purple, and awesome jumping photo! I’m applauding.

    Also, i just send you an email to ”” and delivery failed.

  17. anna marie says:

    i love it! i also love the idea of mimosas, and especially unlimited. they’re so fancy-like, i just have to love them! plus they’re healthy right? orange juice and all! haha!

    xo.anna marie

  18. Jess says:

    Purple must be your color! Making ends meet sucks. I thought I’d be incredibly wealthy by now. So much for that.

  19. Making ends meet does seem almost impossible these days. I’ve decided though, if I’m going to be broke, I’m happy to be broke in Austin. I came across this piece about DIY fashion blogs in CNN of all places. Thought y’all might be interested:

  20. Maggie says:

    Oh my! I love your purple sweater and all…but those black boots are SPECTACULAR. I love it. MMM :)

  21. becca says:

    I don’t know which I like more – the sweater or the jump kick…? And I love the color with your hair – I think it’s such a fun and striking combination!

  22. *_* A retro ’80s sweater!!! I’M JEALOUS!! It really looks totally fab on you, and the color really is perfect- it looks really flattering with your auburn hair! Ah, I could stare at ’80s sweaters all day long.. and if I won the Lottery, I would dedicate a significant portion of the sum to satisfying my ’80s-wear fetish.. lace, frills, pink, geometrics, and all that Andie and Iona would wear.. I also like how you kept the rest of the outfit simple so the focus of the outfit goes straight to the gem. (PS That last photo is pure awesomeness!!)

  23. that sweater looks darling on you! you’re super cute!! :)

  24. Rachel says:

    Those boots are too cute! I have some similar ones that I need to pull out of the closet more. :)

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