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Knotted Top & Shorts

It’s only the beginning of June, but it’s already getting a little tricky to change up the warm-weather wardrobe. That’s why I’ve been experimenting with different ways to wear the same old thing…here are a few tricks to changing up your tank and cutoffs:

1. Knot your top! I never think of this, and usually have a giant shirt billowing around me, which is mighty comfy, but not that flattering, and a little boring too. Try tying your tank or blouse on the side of your waist to create more of an effortless human-shape rather than shirt-shape. You can still keep it loose, but it’s a more styled and also kinda cool.

2. Pile on the jewelry. I love layering necklaces in summer because it’s too hot for scarves, but I still want to break up my billowy tops a bit. A long necklace with a slightly shorter one will give you shape, highlight your face, and add interest to your casual getups.

3. Wear a little heel. You’ve got jean cutoffs on, sure, but why not make the most of those legs with a little wedge or heel? A little lift will always feel a little more put-together.

So go forth and conquer your shorts and tanks with gusto! Want personalized tips for your own wardrobe? Check out my styling services here.

Knotted Top & Shorts

Knotted Top & Shorts

Tank: Alternative Apparel, Shorts: Joe’s, Necklaces: Kouklamou designs & Margot Wolf, Shoes: BC

June 11, 2013

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