Hurricane Travel Oufits

travel outfit

I am determined to enjoy my vacation this summer, despite potentially being evacuated from the town we’re supposed to be vacationing in. So yesterday was spent packing and shopping for last-minute necessities. What to wear when you’re traveling to the eye of a hazardous storm? A raincoat, duh, and some flip-flops, two items I did not own until yesterday….

If you’re going on vacation, you should place comfort firmly ahead of style, especially if your traveling companions are your family, and you’re traveling someplace wet. I have been refusing to wear flip flops for some time now, but that kind of thing matters little when your feet are actually covered with water. And I do draw the line at aqua-socks.

travel outfit

I decided to purchase an actual raincoat rather than one of those emergency ponchos (above) and went ahead and got some new TOMS since Penny used my sparkly ones as a revenge chew-toy. As for my airplane outfit, there are a few elements I always am aware of:

Butt-coverage. No one likes anything hanging out when sitting on an airplane seat. I try to always wear high-waist jeans when traveling.

Extra layers. I brought my famous green hoodie and a scarf to wear when the AC gets too intense.

Slip-on shoes. Obviously this is important for security lines.

Hat. It’s a sure-fire way to carry your weirdest-shaped item onto the plane, and it covers up seat-head.

Neck Pillow. Absolutely THE most important travel element in my book. I always forget to pack mine and end up buying one at the airport. Now I have a large neck pillow collection if anyone needs to borrow one!

Okay, not the most stylish look, but an honest portrayal at least! Wish me luck as I brave the elements and attempt to win at poker this week!

travel outfittravel outfit

August 27, 2011

One Response to Hurricane Travel Oufits

  1. Lydia says:

    I think you look super-cute for travelling! You may be surprised by that raincoat. Once I had to buy one for vacation and it’s ended up coming in handy on rainy/windy days when umbrellas just turn inside out.

    Have a great trip and stay safe!

    Lydia x

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