How to Wear Black in Summer

What to Wear with Black in Summer

I don’t know what it is lately, but I have been on a black kick. I’d resisted it for a while, and even wore (gasp!) white on Morrissey’s birthday a while back! Some may say that summer is the worst time to wear black, but I think it brings an unexpected dose of sophistication to your standard breezy outfit, like this one. I could have worn this punchy skirt with pink, blue, or grey, but instead I chose to wear a slinky little top with a masculine belt, edging up the flounce of the chipper fabric. I love finding ways to look like I’m not sweating my butt off in 100 degree weather too, and black jersey cotton seems to mask the appearance of a little dampness. Have y’all been wearing black this summer?

What to Wear with Black in Summer

What to Wear with Black in Summer

Top:no tag, from Libby's free pile, Skirt: Anthro, Shoes: BC, Earrings: Mana Culture (Austin), Belt: Old Navy

What to Wear with Black in Summer

June 21, 2011

15 Responses to How to Wear Black in Summer

  1. Jennifer K. says:

    I just bought that skirt in the blue/black/white version! I love it, but I also love that one on you. Weez gots stylez, girl.

  2. those tricks says:

    Cute skirt.
    Does she have pockets?!

  3. MONKEYFACE says:

    Ooo, I likey! K that sounded creepy. Anyways yeah this is a great summer black look. Your skirt wants me, though. I can feel it.

  4. I have so much black in my wardrobe it’s impossible to not wear it during the summer! I try to pair it with neutrals to keep it from getting to winter-ish. I was going to comment on your lovely skirt….. then I saw your precious dog. Absolutely adorable!!

  5. I’ve not really mastered black in the extreme heat, but then its hardly ever really hot here! Love your look, such a great skirt.

  6. laura says:

    I agree. I like wearing darker colors in the summer because they really add sophistication to a too casual look. I like to keep the dark colors in small bits, though. Like a tank or a short skirt or in shoes.

  7. Yep, lovin’ black when it masks sweat. It’s too crazy hot here. Pretty skirt!!

  8. Jamie Rose says:

    I wear black in that exact same way you did here! A black cotton tank top works great with many of my shorts and skirts. It’s not too hot because it’s cotton and sleeveless

  9. Tanvi says:

    I do wear black … but only when I really want to wear something badly. Else I avoid. Love your earrings!!!

    ♥ from ©

  10. Senta says:

    There were times I only wore black, summer and winter 😀
    But now I love black and white outfits in summer. Very elegant. And black with prints like your skirt. Lovely outfit btw. 😉

  11. Jess says:

    Love that skirt! I wear black to work, so yes, 107-degree heat + black is a constant in my life :) But I wear black for every season — you’re right, it’s about pairing it correctly.

  12. I love this outfit. Even though it’s black, it still looks great for the summer. Those shoes are so cute!

  13. This is such a pretty outfit. I love the way black really balances out an outfit. And what an adorable doggie!! I love dachshunds:)

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