How to Mix Up a Maxi Dress


This isn’t something that really screams out “Laurel” to me, but I am pretty happy with how I was able to style this maxi-dress in a way that was out of my norm slightly. I guess I just don’t tend to wear long skirts, I don’t tend to wear wide belts, and I don’t tend to wear lipstick before eating tuna sandwiches. Well, I am willing to lead the way and tell you that all of these things can be done. Layer a t-shirt with a similar neckline as your dress, add a belt that semi-matches your shoes, and enjoy the uniqueness of pink bread! You’re welcome.

Maxi-dress: ModCloth, T-shirt: Madewell, Belt: UO, Clogs: BC (, Earrings: Kendra Scott





March 24, 2011

23 Responses to How to Mix Up a Maxi Dress

  1. Carrie at La Rizada says:

    been wanting to try a maxi, but scared. i'm thinking i'll head to target or marshall's soon and get one…this is making me feel like it won't be such a risky purchase for me, if i can style it in different ways, as you have.

    the pink bread line in here is hilarious, fyi.

  2. Mitzi says:

    I love this! Great idea, you've got my cogs turning 😉
    Hahah I laughed out loud at the "uniqueness of pink bread" comment. I often enjoy a good red-tinged sandwich myself!
    M xo

  3. kristin says:

    I love this look! I still haven't attempted the maxi dress/skirt look, but you are rocking it!

  4. Kirstin@CrimsonRosella says:

    Love how you changed up a maxi, I will be employing this method this summer!

  5. Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage says:

    Looks great! I am not ever totally comfy in a maxi dress- my height argues against it- but I could wear it this way, maybe.

  6. cim says:

    come help me buy clothes and pick out what to wear each morning. kthnxbai

  7. raven says:

    Well (I'm going to borrow your buzzword in 5-4-3-2-) SHEESH!!

    I didn't realize it could be so simple to put some variety in a maxi dress! I have a maxi that I fail to wear just because it just feels like too much of the same up + down. I adore the pop of color with the belt – cute!


  8. cim says:

    p.s. this is christina :)

  9. Jahn 'n Style says:

    love the outfit!! :) and that shade of lipstick looks fabulous on you :)

  10. Estefany @ The Helmet Head says:

    You look so tall with this on. I like it!
    I would have never thought about putting a shirt on top of a dress, but i think it works so well!
    Looking pretty as always =)


  11. Collette Osuna says:

    LOVE this maxi dress….the pattern is great….love how you paired it too….

    Stop by and say Hello:)
    Statements in Fashion Blog♥

  12. Lisa, Suburban Heart says:

    I agree with the commenter above, you look TALL. This gives me hope that a maxi will not chop 5 inches off me!

  13. [SMASH] says:

    I seriously would've never thought to wear it this way. Very good idea!

  14. Rachel says:

    Oooh, really like the layering! The clogs work so well with it, too. 😀

  15. Tanvi says:

    I like your twist!!! Plus the color is so flattering on you! :)

    from ©

  16. Christine says:

    You make styling a maxi look easy! I'm still afraid they'll make me look really short!

  17. mk says:

    easy easy! i love me a good maxi. and i love your shoes with this! i can't wait until it warms up enough to wear cute sandals all day. :)


  18. Annebeth says:

    maxi dresses are basically one of the hardest pieces to fit into your style, I struggle with it too. I like what you've done here though, and I do feel like it suits you!

  19. Z--- says:

    That maxi is great as well!!thanks for your comment!xxx

  20. Bonnie McGowan says:

    Great idea! And you look great in maxis!

    Unfortunately, I look so silly in them.

  21. Michelle's Style File says:

    Great idea wearing it with a t-shirt! Bit warmer too.


  22. sartoriography says:

    I am myself a fan of the tee or top over the maxi dress. In fact, that's what I'm wearing at this very moment. Love how simple and comfy you look. And those shoes- awesome!!

  23. Emily Saltzberg says:

    Loving this!

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