How to Dress for the Heat

green tank

Here in Austin, it’s a challenge to find new outfits that work in 100 degree heat. The main objective goes from “I want to look cute” to “I want nothing to touch my skin.” Luckily, I’ve discovered that there are ways to dress to tackle both issues. Here’s what you’ll need:

1. Bandeau bra. A bandeau will make it possible to wear little strappy or strapless tops without worrying about extra strappage (my word, but you can use it). Mine gets very little wear, so it’s from Target.

2. Light, strappy top. There’s a plethora of summer-only tops out there, and most of them will work best with a bandeau bra. I’m talking about those weirdly racer-back or halter-type tops, super thin strapped tops (like mine) or tops with crocheted backs or something similarly sheer or low-cut. These can be boxy, billowy, whatever, as long as they barely touch your skin.

3. Jean shorts. I’m telling you, these suckers are my best friend come summertime. I’ve already gone into deep deep detail on the shorts tip this year via my style tipsheet, so I’ll spare you, but the looser the top, the better it will look with shorts. Showing a bit of leg will save you from feeling too frumpy-stumpy.

I like to mix things up with some ankle boot action, but your favorite sandals will work too–just show a little skin and a little leg and stay cool!

green tank

green tank

Tank: Zara, Shorts: Joe’s, Ankle boots: Madewell, Necklace: Adina Mills (via Feathers)

green tank

July 31, 2013

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  1. Amanda MArie says:

    It was so great meeting you at TXSC lady!! You’re just adorable. Thank you for your speaking series on styling as well. I took away so many great tips and I look forward to being a regular reader here!! Xo

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