Heading Out

Here I am leaving the house in a big rush this morning to visit a patient…I love this dress because it’s so frigging comfy and makes me feel good even in this crazy heat. I’m about to go now to the business plan writing class, and I just can’t wait to sit in rush hour traffic to go to the Clarion Suites! I’m thinking of bringing a snowsuit because they always have the air conditioning blasting in those conference rooms. I guess it’s to keep people awake? I read an article when I lived in New York about how fancy stores like Bergdorfs and Henri Bendel blast the A/C in summer to give an extra aura of luxury to the establishments. They hope to entice people in from the steamy sidewalks into an oasis of chill and Chanel handbags. I always got annoyed by this approach since it meant carrying a sweater around with me everywhere I went. Oh the trails and tribulations of shopping….

Anyway, I’m kind of bummed about having to go to this class since my business plans are basically on-hold due to my financial constraints, but I guess it doesn’t hurt to learn every once in a while. For SIX HOURS over two nights, in a Clarion Inn. Okay. Off I go!

Dress: Anthropologie, www.anthropologie.com
Sandals: Miss Sixty, Last Call
Necklace: F21
Tank (under dress): www.oldnavy.com
Sweater (in my hand): Malo, Tokyo Joe’s (nyc)
Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs, www.zappos.com
Sunglasses: RayBan, Last Call

August 10, 2010

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