Guest Post: Jennifer Styles Red Jeans

Red Jeans and Blazer

Since I’m still sick of myself, I have another fun non-Laurel post to share with you today! Jennifer from If I Must Say So is on her Honeymoon right now, and asked me to post over there about one of our shared loves: red jeans. Since I have a lot of nerve, I got her to do a post for us over here even though she was planning her wedding and honeymoon at the time. Sorry, Jennifer! I hope you enjoy her adorable preppy and colorful style and keep visiting her blog. Hopefully she’ll post some photos of her wedding dress for us soon!

Hello! Jennifer here of If I Must Say So, a personal life, style, and inspiration blog. First off, I want to thank the lovely Laurel for asking me share a post on Trophy Boutique. She’s one stylish gal and certainly an inspiration for me and my closet. Thanks to Laurel, I’ve started incorporating more and more colorful pieces into my wardrobe. And one of the greatest tips I’ve picked up from Laurel is to go for the red. We all know how much Laurel LOVES her red jeans, so much that she made this wonderful and insightful video for how to wear red jeans for fall. Another thanks to Laurel for making this video.

I whipped up this little outfit to share with you all before jetting off on my honeymoon, and I couldn’t be happier for my red jeans as they make their first blog appearance on Trophy Boutique! I love wearing them with a cozy chambray shirt and strappy sandals for one easy, go-to red jeans outfit. Then Laurel’s video inspired me to try adding more neutral pieces for a nice transitional look. This Fuji silk J.Crew blouse seemed like the perfect piece: the silk is a bit heavier and it’s sleeveless underneath that blazer. I may or may not have originally purchased it just to go with red jeans, but I can already tell it’s going to be a wardrobe staple for all seasons.

Then, of course, we have the brown boots. Laurel and I are both serious suckers for anything Madewell, especially the shoes. I think the dark brown color of these Madewell prairie boots add another bold neutral to the outfit, creating more balance around the redness.

What can I say? I’m a die-hard red jeans fan now, just like Laurel. How will she inspire me next?
Thanks, again, for having me, Laurel! You’re a blast.

P.S. Be sure to check out the look Laurel styled for my blog today. Think long layers, a shirt dress, and, of course, red jeans.

Red Jeans and Blazer

Outfit details: Gap jeans and blazer; J.Crew blouse and bracelet; Madewell boots; Ray-Ban glasses

Red Jeans and BlazerRed Jeans and Blazer

November 2, 2011

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  2. Lyddiegal says:

    such a simple and chic look! I love it, and I have all these pieces, I can totally do this look myself!

  3. hunterX0506 says:

    Beautiful and cute. Thanks for sharing your picture on this blog. | 😛

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