For some reason this week dragggged. I think it’s because of my inability to wear fun earrings and because I am so excited about the personal shopping and styling I get to do this weekend! My friend Lacie volunteered to be the guinea pig for me to learn on and she is the best ever to work with. She’s really enthusiastic and articulate about what she needs and wants. I can only hope everyone I work with is like her. Today it was raining and so I absolutely had to wear these new boots again.

The cameraman is learning how to focus! These came out pretty darn good.
Top: H&M
Tank: Old Navy
Jeans: Madewell
Socks: UniQlo
Shoes: Madewell
Earrings: from Mana Culture in Austin (S.1st Street)
Necklace: passed down from Grandma

Get ready people, because today I found the best pants in the world on the sale rack at Saks, and you will definitely be seeing them a lot. Sorry for anyone who dislikes bright floral pants (if you even exist)…

September 3, 2010

3 Responses to FRIDAY!

  1. hannah says:

    those shoes are too pretty! oh madewell, done it again.

  2. BuenoBueno says:

    I love love love these photos and your shoes!

  3. TrophyBoutique says:

    Thanks! I recommend any shoe from Madewell…they last FOREVER! At least that's what I tell myself when I'm shelling out for 'em….

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