Finding The Right Match

vintage dress with cardigan

As much as I love this cooler weather, I always feel a little rusty when it comes to layering over the pieces I bought and only wore in warmer days. I try to only purchase new stuff I know will work all year long, and this dress was one of those trusty pieces I thought would easily make the transition. I added tights, I added boots, and then I tried about 17 different cardigans, jackets and blazers over it. It’s a challenge to layer over certain pieces, especially collarless, high-necked ones like this!

It’s important to follow the base layer’s lead when pairing it with the right topper:

  • Pair high-necked cardigans or sweaters with higher-necked dresses. Otherwise you have a bunch of weird fabric sticking out!
  • If you’ve got a v-neck, low scoop, or collared shirt, you can play around with similarly shaped cardigans or with blazers. Lapels look great with most anything, but especially with a little neck skin showing.
  • If there’s a high waistline in your layer like I have, make sure you don’t hide it with a long or wide layer. You should try to keep that waist definition with a cropped jacket or sweater. If it’s still kind of long, belt it!
  • Loose, blowzy layers can look great with a more structured topper, as long as you don’t get too bunchy under there. There’s nothing worse that a too-tight layer with incessant bunching underneath (well not many worse things).

What are your layering rules? These are tips that just involve shape and size, but there are lots of other exciting factors involved, like texture! And color! I think this dress could use a few more layering options and I look forward to sharing them with you as soon as it gets colder.

vintage dress and cardigan

vintage dress and cardigan

Dress: Vintage from Laced with Romance, Sweater: Bloomingdale's, Tights: DKNY, Boots: Swedish Hasbeens

vintage dress and cardigan

December 1, 2011

7 Responses to Finding The Right Match

  1. Sharon Brown says:

    Hi Laurel! Love the tip about only buying new items you can wear all year round, especially for those of us who live in less seasonal climates. Really makes one be more intentional in their purchases. That’s something I need to work on!

  2. annebeth says:

    ohhhh this outfit is a dream! the cardi is perfect, I love the dress and these boots make it that much more modern, love!

  3. Jennifer K. says:

    Awwwws yes. I was just having some trouble this morning with all that layering business. Not fun! Especially because I tossed a few cropped cardigans a while back, and now I have several high-waisted skirts! What’s a girl to do? I guess I’ll be belting a lot this wintery season.

  4. Lyddiegal says:

    yes, layering can be tough sometimes! I know i’ve had those days when i literally go through every cardigan and blazer in the closet!

    definitely hit the right notes with this pair though!

  5. Love it! You look so beautiful in Navy!

  6. Senta says:

    Good advice! It’s just so hard to find anything structured you can wear here right now. Or maybe I’m just blind 😀

  7. Grace H says:

    Love this outfit! The combination of all the elements just works so naturally together. Kudos on another awesome outfit!

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