Fall Project: The Four Seasons Austin

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It’s been an amazing fall so far, what with taking Trophy Boutique full time, and I thought I’d share a little more about an amazing project I’ve been working on in the midst of helping my clients find their fall wardrobes!

This summer, I helped the cocktail lounge bartenders and waitresses at the Four Seasons Austin update their work outfits. The idea was to develop a more cohesive style for the group that fit the vibe of the lounge as well as each team members’ figure & personal style. I loved working with this group, and developed a system for helping teams that I can’t wait to try out again.

While I was wrapping up with the lounge staff, I was approached to team up with Chris from Mr. & Mrs. Sew it All here in Austin. Chris and his wife, Amanda, have designed and created the uniforms and/or aprons for some of the best dining spots in town, and we were asked to help design brand new head-to-toe uniforms for the Four Season’s restaurant, Trio, which is delicious, I might add. Talk about a dream job, right?

Hours of brainstorming, sample finding, pants shopping, and mock-up creation later, we’re pinning down the plans for each team member’s look, and Chris and his team are settling in to construct the pieces we designed together. There were so many moments so far in my styling career that I’ve said to myself “I know exactly what I want, but I just can’t FIND it in a store” and now we’re translating our shared vision into reality which is incredibly gratifying.

I can’t wait to show off the results, but for now it’s top secret, and I can only give you recent snippets from the workroom and this weekend’s fabric sourcing trip to Houston. You might want to make a reservation at Trio for the beginning of 2014 because it’s not only going to be a feast for the belly but also the eyes (sorry, couldn’t resist)…

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November 18, 2013

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