Fall Inspiration!

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Guess what, y’all? I am not gonna talk about the election today. Instead I will talk about the fact that I have a rad badass new intern named Trey who is helping me keep my sanity and is now contributing to this here blog!! This is big news because just two weeks ago I was home fretting over how I have so much to do, not enough time, no one to help me, and POOF! There appeared sweet Trey’s email in my inbox like a sign from the heavens. He hails from Houston and is energetic, stylish, and motivated to talk fashion with us. His first task, aside from listening to me ramble incoherently about how I need help is to make a few inspiration boards for you, all about fall trends and how to wear them.

Here we have the ever-present floral trend, paired with some more basic (but still lovely) pieces so you can see how you can mix something wild and different in with what you’ve already got in your closet. When shopping for fall, I think it’s fun to select a few trendy pieces to mix in with more classic staples to keep your look current and to save yourself from getting bored. I try to shop at lower-priced stores for such things as floral blazers, and recommend investing a little more in those items you know you’ll wear a little longer. What do you think??

November 7, 2012

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