Extras! (For Return Clients)

For those of you who’ve already partaken of one of my Sort, Shop, and Style services, and have a hankering for something extra, I can help!

Seasonal Updates: So, we did the Complete Sort, Shop, and Style in the spring. But now it’s fall. We can do it again for your cool-weather closet, at a reduced rate!
Shop & Style Seasonal Update: (4 hours) $250
(If we need to sort through your turtlenecks or your shorts because I only saw one or the other, a Sort session can be added for an additional $60)

Specific Shopping Trips: I will help you find those items that pop up from time to time between wardrobe updates, like last-minute travel essentials, fun accessories, cute shoes, and the ever-elusive flattering pair of glasses, for instance. We can even do a vintage or thrifting trip to find special pieces to spice things up and give your wardrobe extra unique flair!
$65 for the first hour, $50 for each additional hour
(Suitcase Prep clients can utilize this service, too!)

Referral Rewards: My business depends on word of mouth, so if you tell a friend about my services and she becomes a client, you get $45 off your next service for each referral you send my way!

Before & Afters: I would be overjoyed if you would participate in a Before & After post for my site! Sign up and receive $45 off your next styling service! It only takes a few minutes of your time and makes a huge difference! Contact me at trophyboutique@gmail.com to set it up.