Easy Summer Stripes

Easy Summer Stripes

I love that feeling of an outfit that feels like you aren’t wearing anything at all. It’s as if the fabrics all float away from your body and you just feel lighter. That’s what this little combo did for me yesterday, when it was 102 degrees, and I needed to feel…naked, I guess. The striped top is loose, but fitted, and the stripes hide any trace of sweat, thankyouverymuch, while the linen shorts are one size too big on purpose so as to be worn lower on the hips. If it were up to me I would do high-waisted every day, but let’s be honest. Sometimes you just don’t want your midsection to feel tight and sticky! To give this outfit a little more definition I did my little half-tuck, but I think if it were cooler, the top would be cute all the way tucked in, too.

Easy Summer Stripes

Easy Summer Stripes

Top: AG, Shorts: Theory, Shoes: Madewell, Necklace: Kendra Scott

Easy Summer Stripes

June 15, 2011

11 Responses to Easy Summer Stripes

  1. Sophi says:

    Look at you, rockin’ them oversized pieces! The shorts look awesome oversized like that :) Very cute. And hooolyshit that’s hot. Hope things cooled down today!

  2. Jennifer K. says:


  3. Carey Doyle says:

    102? Where’s the hoodie?


  4. laura says:

    love that top! Great relaxed, laid back look!

  5. Yep, love this top. Also I saw your art school doppleganger today!

  6. those tricks says:

    Madewell makes shoes, eh? Do they fit as well and hold up as well as one of my fave pairs of pants – skinny madewell cord pants?!
    If so, I may need to spring for some.

    • YES! Madewell’s shoes are the best because they’re classic, comfortable, and they are really high quality. I have these boots of theirs that I have been wearing for three years and they still look great.

  7. Jamie Rose says:

    Ugh! 102 degrees?! That’s sickening. I’m not looking forward to going home to the 100 degree weather in Georgia. This is a really cute casual outfit! I’m sure it was nice and cool for that horribly hot weather you’re having!

  8. Rock that oversized wear Laurel! Love oversized… frequently don it myself because it is just so comfortable, esp in the heat. Woahh.. 102 degrees?! 😮 But your blouse, in addition to having practical purposes is also pretty darn gorgeous! I love the striped pattern- it looks great with khaki. And your shoes make me get an uncontrollable wave of shoe envy!!!! xx

  9. Ana says:

    Love the stripes with that necklace and your tattoo is so unique!

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