Easy Summer Dress

Easy Summer Dress and New Flats

Here’s a dress that I think is just the most comfortable thing. I will bullet you some points today because I’m in a shooting type of mood after my adorable dog destroyed expensive and beautiful curtain #2 yesterday, which I have complained about heavily on my twitter. Why this dress is a fabulous summer option:

  • It’s navy, and if you read my previous posts on the matter is a good type of color if you’re a sweaty lass. I don’t wear the kind of deodorant that makes white marks (which is another issue entirely) but when you sweat, this sort of silky-nylony material in this particular color hides it well, and of course the armholes are wide. This is paramount!
  • The cut of this dress flattering for those who have curves and like to define the waist, because it flares out from right around the lower ribcage, so it’s great for anyone who’s long-waisted and wants to create proportion.  It’s loosely cut but still has shape! Comfy!
  • This dress is perfect if you have a bit of a tummy or bloat. It just hides everything, and the ruffles pull the eyes upwards towards your face, which is what they should be noticing anyway! Unless they’re looking at your legs, which is okay too.
  • Navy can be dressed up with the right accessories, or down to be casual for day. This dress is pretty day-like, but if were more fitted I can see it being cute for evening too.

Okay, I worked out my rage, now check out my cute flats! I found them at the Last Call Memorial Day sale–they were half off their already 50% off price. Score. Hopefully my dog wont eat those too…

Easy Summer Dress and New Flats

Easy Summer Dress and New Flats

Wrinkled Dress: Anthropologie, Earrings: KouklaMou, Flats: Lanvin (Last Call)

Easy Summer Dress and New Flats

May 26, 2011

16 Responses to Easy Summer Dress

  1. Amber Rose says:

    My adorable pup ate my favorite oxford shoes, so we can be angry together… however difficult it is to be angry at our precious pups!

    You look beautiful and you’re right, this dress is a perfect summer dress. I have one just like it that I think I’ll wear today.


  2. Kate says:

    Loving this dress. But that may be because I am a sucker for anything navy blue. I may have to check out this kind of cut. I think it may work perfectly for me. I love things that are tighter fitting in the breast area, and looser below.

    You look fab!

  3. Renée says:

    beautiful dress and love that color! xo

  4. Such a cute dress and have to agree with all your points. I do love an outfit that hides a bit of bloating! Can’t believe I wasn’t following your blog already, how silly. Now following!

  5. lisa says:

    hey now, those flats are a great find!!!! ah, life of a dog mom. they’re so cute, sometimes i wish they understood english so they could fully grasp the impact of their bad behavior! :/

  6. Michal says:

    aww i’m sorry about your curtains. dogs are adorable but sooo unbelievably naughty sometimes!

    i’m a big fan of navy- actually i probably have more blue than any other color in my closet!

  7. I’m really getting into navy right now, so I’m totally jealous of your navy dress…..and your awesome flats!!

  8. those tricks says:

    A++ on the Lanvin flats. love em!

  9. anna marie says:

    red is really your color! i love your jewelry!

    xo.anna marie

  10. Elena says:

    Definitely a perfect summer dress! Outfits like this are what I want to don alllll summer.

    I empathize with the doggy woes :( We keep trying to let our pup stay out of her crate, but after 2 weeks of being great she’ll stun us by destroying a chair, etc. And know perfectly well that she did something very wrong (e.g. is already in her cage when I come home). Ergh.

  11. HAHAHA my dog eats everything!! the bad thing?? we have 2 big dogs so thats double the trouble LOL
    Anyway I need to consider moving to austin sometime soon, you always find good stuff in last call!! I need girl friend that knows good deal and good stuff!! I completely agree with the navy dress, it can be wear up and down….

  12. Jess says:

    1.) LOVE the flats! What a deal! 2.) I’m glad you always consider us sweaty girls. I have the hardest time loving my pits!

  13. Jamie Rose says:

    Such a cute simple navy dress! The ruffles on the top add a nice detail to it. I can see it being a very versatile piece to have in your wardrobe!

  14. Oh dear, I totally love your dress! It has such a pretty blue color ^^ x

  15. CharisaB says:

    You are just so adorable <3

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