Dressy/Casual: How to Wear a Linen Blazer

linen blazer

I’ve been in hot pursuit of a linen blazer for what seems like eons, but is probably more like 2 years. My dreams came true at Last Call (where so many dreams are made) last week when I found this cropped tuxedo-style linen blazer in my size for next to nothing. In my fantasy world, I find myself going to business meetings and making deals all over the place in a blazer like this, because it’s the perfect thing to throw on in the summer when it’s too hot for basic black or navy, but it gives every outfit a little daytime polish. I love that it can be worn over jeans and a tee for that effortless dressy/casual vibe so easy to wear basically anywhere in Austin.

What’s your go to dressy/casual piece that you use to polish your summertime outfits? How do you wear your linen blazer?

linen blazer

Blazer: Vince, Tee: Joie, Jeans: Current/Elliott, Boots: Madewell, Necklace: Margot Wolf

linen blazer

April 8, 2014

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  1. Jamie Rose says:

    My mom gave me one of her old linen blazers just a few weeks ago. I need to style it! Yours looks so cute!

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