Dressy Midi Skirt for Daytime

Dressy Midi Skirt for Day

Oh summer, you cramp my style so much sometimes with your sweat-inducing heat and your leg-shaving requirements. Sometimes I get tired of wearing shorts, and I want a little more ladylike snazz. Enter the sheer lightweight mid-length skirt. The high waist is awesome, but if I tuck anything into it, you can see it right through the fabric! I’ve solved the problem by belting over the shirt to show off a little waist shape, and added a little heel to make up for the skirt coverage. An easy way to feel put-together and avoid shaving your legs, even when it’s superhot!

Dressy Midi Skirt for DayDressy Midi Skirt for DayDressy Midi Skirt for Day

August 15, 2012

One Response to Dressy Midi Skirt for Daytime

  1. Jessica says:

    My kinda outfit! Love it!!

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