Dressing in the Dark

gold cords blue top

Sometimes, once a year, when the clocks change, you realize it’s not as bright in your room first thing in the morning. I am particularly sensitive to the time difference, and can’t deal with stuff like being awake early for the first few days of daylight savings. To turn on the lights is to break the spell of blissful unconsciousness too abruptly, so I dress in the dark. This enables some new and different color and pattern combos to emerge, so it’s not too terrible a fate, really.

gold cords and blue top

gold cords and blue top

Top: F21, Tee: AG, Cords: JCrew, Sneakers: Osborn (c/o Dog&Pony)

gold cords and blue top

March 15, 2012

6 Responses to Dressing in the Dark

  1. Grace H says:

    Love the colors, love the proportions, and love, love, LOVE those shoes!

  2. Jennifer says:

    It works. Miss ya, friend.

  3. Jamie Rose says:

    These colors are very cool together and I’m loving the patterned shoes too!

  4. JoAnn Connor says:

    You look great, as usual! Love those shoes and also the colors of the clothes!

  5. Rlutz says:

    Those shoes are fabulous!!

  6. Ian says:

    loooovely colour combination, oh my! and a humble-bow to those patterned shoes…

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