Day to Evening Cocktail Dress Outfit (and video!)

Day to Evening Cocktail Dress

I couldn’t let a good outfit go to waste by not having an available photographer, so I decided to try out my new computer’s video booth! I know I am a dork and the ending is unorchestrated, but the outfit is simple to replicate and an easy trick to making the most of all of your wardrobe’s pieces.

Hope to see some of you tonight at the Moss Designer Consignment event where my friend Margot Wolf will be showing her exquisitely edgy jewelry designs!

Outfit Video Cocktail Dress for Day from laurel kinney on Vimeo.

August 24, 2011

3 Responses to Day to Evening Cocktail Dress Outfit (and video!)

  1. Your Husband says:

    You’re gonna make a big splash at all of your farties. Lookin’ good, honey!

  2. Jennifer K. says:

    Farties! Haha.

    Laurel – sometimes I think we have the same wardrobe. I’m totally wearing that same shirt right now.

  3. Tanvi says:

    I love how easy your look is … hope you had fun! :)

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