Crocheted Beach Cover-Up for Daytime

Beachy Crochet for Day

My friends have been poking fun at my recent attraction to crocheted tops and dresses. I think it’s just my way of figuring out how to stay cool while wearing something with a little texture, but I also think I have a little bit of a hippie in me still. Either way, I couldn’t resist this crocheted gold cover-up when I saw it hiding on the sale rack at Anthro a while back. I wore it to the pool and felt kind of glam. I can’t just let my glam crochet sit around unworn, so I tried my hand at layering it over a fitted tank and my dressy shorts. Accessorizing with casual daytime-appropriate bronze jewelry and a belt helps make it feel more like a put together outfit. I love summertime layering!

Beachy Crochet for DayBeachy Crochet for DayBeachy Crochet for Day

August 17, 2012

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