Cold Snap Celebration

Blue Outfit with Scarf

This slightly cooler weather is a cause for celebration. Guess how I celebrate? By wearing a scarf, naturally. It’s a welcome change to be able to spice up a rather boring outfit with a big ole striped scarf, I tell you. What’s your favorite cooler weather accessory?

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Blue Outfit with ScarfBlue Outfit with Scarf

September 11, 2012

2 Responses to Cold Snap Celebration

  1. Laurel Ann says:

    My fave cooler weather accessory?! Gauzy, long scarves that I can wrap around my neck about a million times. :) I love the way a scarf can make an outfit, change a look, or… erm… hide my cleavage at work.

  2. Jamie Rose says:

    I, too, am enjoying the slightly cooler weather! It’s nice to not sweat so profusely when stepping outside! I love the scarf you’re wearing and those jeans look amazing on you.

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