Client Before & Afters


Sara Before

Client Sara Before & After
Meet the talented and beautiful music teacher Sara, who hired me to help her refine and elevate her work looks so she could step it up and hopefully rise in the ranks at work this year. Sara is super tall, her work requires her to do a lot of crouching, and she also needed outfits to perform in (all black). She’d been wearing the same ho-hum sweater-slacks combo for years, and was tired of looking older than her age because of her clothing. My job was to find youthful, professional outfits that reflected Sara’s personality, while also sticking to her teachers’ budget. I did this by finding several more modern, fitted basics, and some interesting trendy pieces she could mix in to make her daily outfits more fun. We also found her a pretty performance outfit!

My favorite part was when Sara fully embraced patterned belts! Isn’t she just lovely??

Sara After:

Client Sara Before & AfterClient Sara Before & AfterClient Sara Before & After


Kate Before:

Kate's Complete Sort, Shop, and Style

Meet the lovely 26 year-old Kate, a young professional color lover who hired me for the Complete Sort, Shop, and Style. She needed help transitioning from her basic jeans/tee/cardigan college-lady looks to more professional, put-together looks for work. She’s also at that get-invited-to-146-weddings-a-year age, and needed some dressier looks for those and for dates with her ever-supportive BF (who I am happy to say approves of most all of her new outfits).

When we met for the Sort, Kate LITERALLY had only one pair of jeans (from Land’s End, pictured) and a ginormous pile of cotton J.Crew cardigans in every single color. When I shopped for her I kept in mind her color addiction, while also finding more sophisticated basics to mix in that could easily transition from day to evening. We also found her a few killer party dresses, a pair of perfect-fitting jeans, and belts galore! Kate is a vision, and also has some mad posing skills, don’t you think?

I mean…COME ON:

Kate After:

Kate's Complete Sort, Shop, and StyleKate's Complete Sort, Shop, and StyleKate's Complete Sort, Shop, and StyleKate's Complete Sort, Shop, and StyleKate's Complete Sort, Shop, and Style


Kim Before

Kim Before

Here we have the super sassy, adorable Kim! She partook of the Complete Sort, Shop, and Style because she felt like she’d been in a style rut for a while. She couldn’t find the right clothes to flatter her petite, curvy frame, and so she gave in to wearing drab, semi-shapeless comfort-clothes (putty-colored jeans, t-shirts, flats). I can’t stand to see someone give in to the frump, especially if they have the zestiest of personalities. The inside has to match the outside! So, I whisked Kim into the petites section and we had a blast finding her colorful prints and comfortable, flattering dresses and separates that show off her pretty figure and showcase her confident, creative self.

Kim After! 

kim afterkim afterkim ater


Stephanie Before

Client Before & After

Hey, do y’all remember Stephanie? She’s a star of a client and friend, the owner of Cush Cush Design, and she agreed to share some cute going-out-in-jeans looks we got during her Casual Sort, Shop, and Style Service. Steph used to wear flowy (on the verge of billowing) tops that were a little too wide and too long for her frame, in only very neutral, safe colors. She’s got a fun, nutty personality, and her wardrobe wasn’t reflecting her creativity or pizazz. All it took was a little tweaking of proportions and a dash of color and viola! She’s got some snappy cute looks that can she can take out on the town. Note the awesome print mixing she’s got going on with the green top and snakeskin sandals in the first After picture…Thanks a million, Steph!

Stephanie After:

Client Before & AfterClient Before & After


Naomi Before:

Client Before & After

Naomi, a lawyer, contacted me for the Complete Sort Shop and Style Service when she found herself feeling like none of her clothes worked for her new professional self or her new body (she’d recently lost a lot of weight). She wanted clothes that felt age-appropriate, but still reflected her youth and fun side. Her job requires her to not only be put-together while representing clients in court, but also approachable, as she works with lower-income clients. She also was feeling more healthy and confident, and wanted to have clothes that matched (and weren’t too big for her or bought 15 years prior).

Together we went through her closet and ditched a bunch of stuff that just felt boring, didn’t flatter, or simply did not fit into her life. When I shopped for her I found pieces that were tailored to her new body in colors that felt fun and confident. We mixed and matched a lot of separates that would work for both work and for dates and parties, and found a few key pieces of jewelry, belts, and shoes that could go with most everything.

As you can see from her before photo above, the lady loves color (yay!) but needed more put-together, professional, and flattering options. Check out her fun looks below!

Naomi After:

Client Before & AfterClient Before & AfterClient Before & After


Jenna works in real estate, and needed a wardrobe to reflect confidence and professionalism. Read the Full post here.

personal stylist before and after

Jenna Before

personal stylist before and after

Jenna After

personal stylist before and after

Jenna After

personal stylist before and after

Jenna After

personal stylist before and after


personal stylist before and after



 © Katherine O'Brien Photography

A little while ago, I shared some quick snapshots of Special Occasion Service client Christina’s engagement outfits. Well, here is the finished product! The photos were taken by Katherine O’Brien, and all 500-something of them came out great! I selected the ones that show the outfits the best, of course. It was really fun choosing the colors in the clothing around the colors of the locations, and I think everything looks full of life, energy, and smarts, just like the handsome couple themselves!

 © Katherine O'Brien Photography © Katherine O'Brien Photography

 © Katherine O'Brien Photography

All images © Katherine O’Brien Photography


I was lucky enough to meet Alissa this fall when she bought my Style Intro deal from Urban Dealight. We totally hit it off because she is funny, smart, a fellow small business owner, and went through a Balmain-inspired blazer phase (a woman after my own heart). Alissa is the owner of SkinFit Austin, where she helps her clients reach their skin-related goals. She has a background in pharmaceuticals, loves the clinical side of aesthetics, and specializes in acne and anti-aging treatments. She provides a very detailed consultation along with her treatments to really assess each client’s individual needs. I received the Sensitive Skin Facial because I was kind of dried out, and felt paranoid I was going to start looking like one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Luckily, Alissa was able to identify what my main issues were, suggest options for improving them, and reassured me that I wouldn’t need any plastic surgery to fill out any oncoming concave cheek issues. I got a really soothing mask over my whole face and when I was finished I felt like my skin was plumper, younger, and softer.

I thought it would be fun to spotlight Alissa and her business by sharing with you her before and after via her recent news spots! When we met, Alissa admitted that she’d just done the following news segment and felt she’d selected the wrong dress. While the color is amazing on her, it’s shape hides that fact that she’s got a tiny little waist and isn’t pregnant at all. Check her out here:

During our session together, I helped her several outfits out of what she already owned; outfits that showcased her natural waist and highlighted her flair for fun, kind of rock n’ roll fashion. When her next news segment came along, she knew to show off what she’d learned, and wore this sexy little wrap-dress:

I highly recommend booking a treatment with Alissa if you’re needing some tender loving care for your skin. Skin is an important accessory, after all, and totally compliments all of your outfits!


engagement photo shoot outfits

A Colorful Outfit for Any Setting!

Ph.D student Christina hired me for the Special Occasion Service to come up with looks for her engagement portraits. We selected a mix of looks using clothing from her wardrobe mixed with budget-friendly new items based on her style, personality, and the locations they chose for the photo shoot. See the full post and tips for portrait-dressing here!

engagement photo session outfit

Preppy-Casual Look

engagement photo session outfit

Fun, Flirty Dressy Look

engagement photo session outfit

A Dressy Alternative (you always need options!)


Client Before & After

Here’s the lovely Stephanie of Cush Cush Design, wearing an outfit that was a typical “first meeting” with a client look. She’s got an amazing pencil skirt on, but she’s hiding it behind a casual, boxy top and boots. She’s not a hopeless case by any means (if there is such a thing), she just needed some ideas for how to make her look a little more professional-creative, and less art-school-creative.

So, using items she already had in her closet, I put together this look for her:

Client Before & After

We took the pencil skirt and made it more sophisticated by pairing it with a fitted, interesting top. She’s accustomed to helping clients mix prints with their home decor, so why shouldn’t this creativity play out with a little print mixing in her outfit? The wide embroidered belt looks great with the lace top. And we switched out her boots for a pair from her incredible shoe collection. The green in the shoe plays off the colors in the belt, and she’s ready to book a dozen more clients, at least!

When I shopped for Stephanie, I looked for more pencil skirts for her, and found this one in a fun print. If we hadn’t tried a few looks from her closet during the Sort phase, she might not have been open to trying more waist-defining bottoms like this one. During our final Style session, Stephanie tried the new skirt with a top from her closet. She was in the habit of not tucking, and before our time together would have worn it like this:

Client Before & After

But after I showed her the photos I had taken during the Style session (cold, hard proof!), she found that a tuck or a belt actually shows off the waist in a way that makes the tummy disappear! The pattern of the skirt also serves as a tummy-distraction, and she looks like a shapely hourglass, ready to impress!

Client Before & After


Stephanie’s tendency, not unlike many women, was to hide her perceived “problem areas” with her clothing. She owned many stylish, blouse-y, verging on tent-y, tops like the one below because they made her feel comfortable and hid her tummy. She would style her looks simply with a color palette of blue, navy, and black.

Client Before & After Outfit

Stephanie looks cute and not without style in this outfit, but she’s not pregnant, and does own a waist. I started in her closet during the Sort process by showing her how she might wear the items she already had to more effectively flatter her figure. I then shopped for pieces that would fit within her comfort zone and pre-existing color palette and encouraged her to try slightly less blouse-y tops with higher waisted pants and skirts to emphasize her tiny waist and hide her tummy.

Here’s a cute going out on the town with friends look or a first date. Stephanie is comfortable in navy, and the top still has some blousing to it, which she does love, but it’s TUCKED IN to her higher-waisted jeans to show off her waist, and we’ve added the bold necklace to amp up the look a bit. She’s a creative woman, and her clothing should reflect that!

Client Before & After Outfit

Stephanie, during the shopping process, when she discovered that she didn’t need to pick anything out herself (or put anything back on the hangers), started to get more adventurous and began to try on items that were more out of her comfort zone. I almost passed out with excitement when she suggested she would like to try RED JEANS on! They were a hit, and we styled them to go out on a second date, perhaps?

Client Before & After Outfit

When I came over to shoot the photos for this piece, Stephanie had a hard time remembering what she used to wear for the “Before” shots. Since she’d learned what looks best on her body, she didn’t even consider going back to wearing her clothes the same way she’d worn them before.

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