Chunky Sweater

chunky sweater wallabees

It’s kind of funny that one adjective that describes sweaters is “chunky” because sweaters are usually “soft” and “fluffy” and “warm” before they are “chunky,” but I suppose if there were to be a chunky sweater, it would be this one here. I am more than in love with sweaters, in fact, if I could have a commitment ceremony with a sweater I totally would. I love pairing the “chunky” ones with simple, fitted pieces like tight jeans or fitted skirts and tights. This was worn for a running around and shopping with clients day, so the Breaking Bad Wallabees came out too. I think I’m ready to take my love for sweaters to the next level now…

chunky sweater wallabees

chunky sweater wallabees

Sweater, necklace: F21, Jeans: JBrand, Shoes: Clarks, Dog: Penny

chunky sweater wallabees

January 2, 2012

5 Responses to Chunky Sweater

  1. Corrin says:

    Adorable. I love chunky knits even if they make me look chunky(ier).

  2. Emily Keen says:

    Cute as a button in that sweater!! The doggy helps up the cute factor as well. I have a chunky sweater with a similar vibe as yours and it’s my go-to for warmth and style.

  3. I have that same necklace but with blue beads.

  4. Chelsea says:

    I adore this sweater on you, it looks great! And your doggie is always so cute, too. Hope you have a wonderful new year, lady.

  5. Lyddiegal says:

    I definitely have a fondness for chunky knits as well, and you and penny are looking so adorable!

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