Canadian Tux Sundays

canadian tuxedo

The perfect Sunday outfit is something you can run errands in, maybe relax, or in my case, see two clients and do three photoshoots. But most normal people have less crazy Sundays, and can easily get away with wearing yoga pants all day. I’m here to propose a new Sunday uniform: the Canadian Tuxedo! Denim on denim can be done in a chic kind of way when you pair two different shades of denim like navy and more faded blue–and as a final touch, I’ve added some red lips (so you know I’m in formalwear).

So venture out into some denim on denim this spring–you can also do a brightly colored or printed jean with your denim shirt, but sometimes it’s fun to be classically Canadian.

canadian tuxedo

Top: Madewell, Jeans: Acne, Shoes: Osborn, Laces: Comb Collective, Head Scarf: belt from MJ dress

canadian tuxedocanadian tuxedo

April 7, 2013

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