Blazer and Skirt Season

Blazer and Printed Skirt

I like to think of the seasons in fashion terms, and it’s just about boots and tights season, which will be followed by coat and scarf season, I expect. But last week it was merely blazer season, and so I used my layers sparingly. When it’s in the 70’s, you can still get away without covering up the legs, and I love the contrast between the summery skirt, light sweater, and the velvet blazer.

This season, go ahead and try:

  • A summer dress with a sweater over it
  • Shorts with a t-shirt and big cardigan
  • A lacy skirt with a velvety jacket (or vice versa)
  • Clunky boots with bare legs and a light skirt
Play with different weights, fabrics, and textures! Try wearing your dark-hued summery pieces with a few of your more wintery layering items to create a fun outfit, perfectly suited to blazer-and-skirt season!

Blazer and Printed Skirt

Blazer and Printed Skirt

Blazer: Vintage, Sweater: F21, Skirt: Anthro, Loafers: thrifted, Necklace: KS

Blazer and Printed Skirt

October 28, 2011

6 Responses to Blazer and Skirt Season

  1. Lydia says:

    I’m totally going to try these ideas this week! It’s a really up-and-down spring, so this will let me bring in the summer stuff without being too cold.

    Lydia x

  2. Lyddiegal says:

    i have a hard time finding the weather circumstances when i need a sweater and a blazer, but can still leave my legs bare.
    i mean, it’s an adorable look – but last week i was wearing a blazer and i was too hot – this week i’m wearing it and i’m too cold.

  3. joann connor says:

    You look great, but THIS outfit not warm enough for the new weather we’re getting in Austin! Please let us know about other outfits that fit with 40 – 60 degree weather 😉

  4. Nastassja says:

    This blazer is prrrrretty awesome! Love the color especially!

  5. Megan says:

    LOVE this look! The color of your blazer is wonderful, and looks great paired with the skirt. Happy Halloween!

  6. Jamie Rose says:

    I love this outfit! The knit top is so cute with your light skirt and I’m in love with the blazer. The color is great for fall.

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