Behind the Scenes: Styling Hilah’s Cookbook

Hilah Cooking Styling Session

Hilah is many things to me. My buddy, former client, cooking genius, and did I mention that she’s written a cookbook? When asked to style the outfits for the photos in her book, I said “YEAH, DUH.” Really loudly. The idea was to not go too costume-y, but just amplify Hilah’s fun style a little bit to make it pop. We did this by adding polished hair, makeup, and pops of color with jewelry and accessories. We didn’t want her to look unlike the Hilah we already love, but it’s a book, so we wanted it to be a bit special. It was super fun and I think the results speak for themselves. The book is selling and Hilah looks beautiful and hilarious in every single photo.

Here are some behind the scenes shots taken the day of the shoot. The fabulous photographer is Nadia of Full Tilt Photography, James Devery did the badass hair, Jenny Lin did the fantastic makeup, and we used Hilah’s and my own wardrobe for the outfits. I borrowed some lovely jewelry from Jillian Simmang, Kendra Scott, and Stella Says Go to spruce things up.

You can go right on over to Hilah Cooking and see a preview of the book and the photos, but you really should go ahead and buy the book. It’s full of recipes designed to keep even the most inept chefs from starving to death.

Hilah Cooking Styling Session

The Stylist's Studio: A Couch

Hilah Cooking Styling Session
Hilah Cooking Styling Session

Oldest Styling Trick in the Book

Hilah Cooking Styling Session

June 30, 2011

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6 Responses to Behind the Scenes: Styling Hilah’s Cookbook

  1. Hilah says:

    Great post, Laurel!
    I like the closeup on my butt/belt clip. Eat your heart out, J.Lo!
    Seriously, though, you did a fabulous job, buddy! XO

  2. This was so much fun. I still regret not being able to be there for the full day. Thanks again for all your help with this project -and for letting us totally take over your house. And, thanks to Paul too!

  3. Wow, all of the outfits look awesome! Of course I would expect nothing less- you are completely brilliant Laurel! Congrats on the book Hilah :)

  4. Jess says:

    So much fun! It looks like you have a really fun job :)

  5. CharisaB says:

    How did you manage to find such a great job?! I would love to shop for people :o)))

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