Meet Sharon, the former style blogger and friend whose closet I was immediately enamored with. Sharon is the deliberate dresser and shopper I aspire to be–she thinks of each piece she’d like to have in her wardrobe and goes about finding it, but with savvy budgeting skills. She’s not an impulsive shopper AT ALL and her closet was already super organized, so when she hired me for the Complete Sort, Shop, and Style, I was totally flattered and really excited (and also a little bit nervous).

Sharon is the type of client who wants to take it to the next level, see the gaps in her current wardrobe, and make use of her current clothing as much as possible when styling new and different outfits. No easy feat considering she has spent a lot of time making outfits (she used to have a style blog, people!). Because Sharon had such a good head start on the nuts and bolts of wardrobe usage, and because she’s in a transitional time in her personal & professional life, we dug deeper into what the clothing she owned says about her. When she tried on certain pieces, we thought hard about why she’s more comfortable in one piece versus another, and talked about her identity, what her style says about her, and kept & built on only those items that felt authentic to her current personality.

Needless to say, I think the results here show that Sharon is a creative, stylish, thoughtful being who is going to have a really great year wearing only what she loves (and looks awesome in). Thanks for being so badass, Sharon!

sharon aftersharon after

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