Meet the talented and beautiful music teacher Sara, who hired me to help her refine and elevate her work looks so she could step it up and hopefully rise in the ranks at work this year. Sara is super tall, her work requires her to do a lot of crouching, and she also needed outfits to perform in (all black). She’d been wearing the same ho-hum sweater-slacks combo for years, and was tired of looking older than her age because of her clothing. My job was to find youthful, professional outfits that reflected Sara’s personality, while also sticking to her teachers’ budget. I did this by finding several more modern, fitted basics, and some interesting trendy pieces she could mix in to make her daily outfits more fun. We also found her a pretty performance outfit!

My favorite part was when Sara fully embraced patterned belts! Isn’t she just lovely??

sara before and aftersara before and after

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