Naomi, a lawyer, contacted me for the Complete Sort Shop and Style Service when she found herself feeling like none of her clothes worked for her new professional self or her new body (she’d recently lost a lot of weight). She wanted clothes that felt age-appropriate, but still reflected her youth and fun side. Her job requires her to not only be put-together while representing clients in court, but also approachable, as she works with lower-income clients. She also was feeling more healthy and confident, and wanted to have clothes that matched (and weren’t too big for her or bought 15 years prior).

Together we went through her closet and ditched a bunch of stuff that just felt boring, didn’t flatter, or simply did not fit into her life. When I shopped for her I found pieces that were tailored to her new body in colors that felt fun and confident. We mixed and matched a lot of separates that would work for both work and for dates and parties, and found a few key pieces of jewelry, belts, and shoes that could go with most everything.

As you can see from her before photo above, the lady loves color (yay!) but needed more put-together, professional, and flattering options.

Naomi after 2Naomi after

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