Holy moly, how cute is Meghan here? She is one the coolest clients ever because when we met, she basically told me she was ready to just start fresh and was ALL IN. Her husband purchased the Complete Sort, Shop, and Style for her birthday because he could see that she was tired of wearing the same four or five outfits on rotation, and knew how uninspired she was to dress. There was very little worry or hesitation throughout the process because she was 100% ready to receive this gift! She trusted me and gave into the experience when we shopped, and I think it paid off…I mean, look at her!

Meghan is a real estate agent and works for herself. She needed more current, tailored outfits to wear to work and some not-too-girly-but-still-sexy outfits to wear out on dates with her awesome husband. It was also important to stick to a budget, and we totally scored the day we shopped together–everything was on sale and she got tons of colorful, easy to mix and match pieces that she’s still getting excited to wear each day. Yay!

meghan after

meghan after

meghan after

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