Mary is a client I met via skype–she was searching for some help, didn’t find anyone she jived with where she lives (in North Carolina) so we met a few times and video chatted about her wardrobe. This winter she decided she wanted to finally invest in some clothing that would end her boredom and indecision once and for all, and booked a trip to Austin for my Destination Shopping Experience service. She wanted to try for an effortless style that better expressed her personality and didn’t depend so heavily on neutrals. Her goal was to appear age-appropriate but not “old.”

Here’s how we did it! We spent the better part of 3 days together which began with a quick consult of what she brought. I then took my shopping list and pre-shopped for her for a full day of trying on new pieces she’d never considered before. On Day 2 we visited local boutiques, where she rounded out her finds with shoes and accessories, and Mary used the tricks she’d learned the day before to zero in on a shopping approach she could take back home with her. On Day 3 we concentrated on styling–we took what she had in her suitcase and made a bunch of outfits with her old and new pieces. I showed her how to wear her items several different ways, how to combine colors together without looking too matchy-matchy, and I took reference photos so she could remember all the outfits.

Not only did we check out the best shopping Austin has to offer, but we also eased into brighter colors, mixing different prints and textures, AND we even discovered the glories of tucking and belting to lengthen legs.

Yay for the amazing Mary! Doesn’t she look great??

mary after 2mary after 3mary after 4mary after

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