Emma recently moved with her family to Austin and immediately snagged a job as a real estate agent. Only issue: her closet was home to primarily yoga pants and dark dark suits worn during her scientist days (yes, this woman used to be a scientist)! She needed a fast update to propel her into her new professional environment.

During our Sort, Shop, and Style we concentrated on getting her a wardrobe that would stand up to the constant in and out of the car, trudging over lawns, and interaction with high-dollar clientele that her new job would entail. She needed to feel comfortable, confident, classy, and like she fit right into the environment of her peers. Emma’s also super tall, so she didn’t want to be the intimidating seller in all black–she wanted a softer-than-a-scientist look that would read accessible but still authoritative.

After clearing out the ill-fitting pieces in her wardrobe, I concentrated on finding her breathable, lightweight layers that wouldn’t wrinkle too much and allowed for a lot of movement. Emma ended up with a lot of stretchy but tailored pencil skirts, blazers, and soft shells to mix and match, along with some gorgeous boots. We added some vintage-inspired pieces to give her wardrobe a little extra flair, and now she can fit right into any professional scenario with ease!

emma afteremma afteremma after

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