Brad’s my first male Before & After and also one of my most enthusiastic clients in the history of Trophy Boutique. He’s 23 and just started his first REAL JOB out of college as an engineer. Not only is he transitioning from college to the workplace, but he’s also SIX FOOT EIGHT and slim. His main issue, and the reason he hired a stylist, was to help him find cool clothes that actually fit him. Big and Tall stores generally don’t have anything that work for his style, and when something is long enough, it’s usually too wide (see “before” raver-esque jeans). During our first session, it came out that he’s never owned a shirt with long enough sleeves to cover his wrists. He’s never had a shirt that fit, people!!!!

We were working within a budget to find basic clothes that fit him, and during our Complete Sort, Shop, and Style, I had to do some major hustling to actually find pieces in stores that worked. With a combination of Nordstrom and internet finds, we discovered the brands that make slim-fitting supertall clothing and got a good start on some easy outfits that also fit his lifestyle. It was awesome to see the transformation in Brad–I mean, look at the confidence he’s got with those clothes that fit him! Yay, Brad!

brad after personal styling

brad after personal styling

Wait til you see this outfit ironed!

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