I met Autumn a few months back when she contacted me because she wanted to update her style with the Complete Sort, Shop, and Style Service. She’d been shopping at the last minute and not loving her thrown-together outfits for a while, and wanted to achieve a more pulled-together look for all the different roles she plays in her busy life. Autumn is not only a student, but also a massage therapist at Vita Wellness, AND she is an avid salsa dancer! Whew!

My goal with Autumn was to find ways she could better mix her compartmentalized closet into one wardrobe that feels most like HER. When I shopped for her I made sure to select several pieces that could work over all three areas of her life. We started with the perfect pair of well-fitted modern-cut jeans and just went from there. We found outfits that she can move her arms freely in at work, run to class in, and also a few fun dancing/night out on the town pieces.

I can’t wait to get a massage from the most stylish masseuse in town!

Autumn After

Autumn After

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