Awkward Belting (and how you can avoid this phenomena)

Belted White Dress

I know I talk up belts, like, all the time, but sometimes belts are high maintenance. Take this one I got for $1.25 at Savers, for instance. It was sitting there in the belt section like a little beacon of coolness in a sea of late 80’s fake leather and gold, just begging me to buy it. I thought it would be easy to wear because of the fact that it ties, making it totally adjustable, unlike belts with holes that you can usually only wear one place on your hips. I took it home and finally decided to wear it with this white dress. Too bad the white dress was also kind of cheap, and has a slippery surface and no belt loops! Even tied as tight as it would go, this beaded belt was sliding around all over my waist, and I ended up devoting a good chunk of my day to looking down. Not cool.

So, my friends, I leave you with a few hard-learned tips for belt-shopping: 1. Seek out belts with a bit of traction to them. Don’t buy slippery beaded ones unless you are sure they fit or can be adjusted TIGHTLY to prevent slippage. Choose a leather (with a suede underside) or elastic belt that creates friction with your clothing. 2. If you like to wear your belts many different ways, seek out a braided belt, because you can tighten it wherever you want. There’s nothing sadder to me than not being able to wear a certain belt because it is too big or too small (well, a few things are sadder, but let’s keep it positive). Braided belts can be found in many different widths and colors, so you can take your pick! 3. If you like to wear your belt at your natural waist, try an elastic one. It will stay comfy all day because it moves with you, and sometimes elastic belts have cool clasps!

Okay, ask me some belt-related questions and I can go on…

Belted White Dress

Belted White Dress

Dress: Urban Outfitters, Belt: Savers, Shoes: Miz Mooz (Stella Says Go), Earrings: Mana Culture

May 24, 2011

9 Responses to Awkward Belting (and how you can avoid this phenomena)

  1. Whitney says:

    Don’t let the BELT BLUES get you down! You look good mama!


  2. Juanette says:

    What a cute dress! Looks vintage.

  3. annebeth says:

    Loooove this simple outfit, I always heart it when you get your tattoo out. makes you look so FIERCE 😀 beautiful clogs too :) too bad the belt is so slippery because it’s real pretty!

  4. Hilah says:

    I have some tie-on belts and I can never decide if I should tie them in a bow or just a knot. In the back or on the side! Help!

  5. Jess says:

    I love this belt! Thanks for the tips. I’m a noob to the belt scene.

  6. Jess says:

    I love your belt. My friend has the saying, “If you like it, you should put a belt on it.”

  7. Great belt. I’ve found a few of my faves at Goodwill. ^^ LOL at Jess’s comment.

  8. anna marie says:

    i love your cereal picture! and your dress! and you! and exclamation points apparently!

    xo.anna marie

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